's Plenty for Purton                            



Road safety in Purton has been a concern of some residents for quite some time.


Following a tragic accident in June this year a facebook page was started to engage the whole village. I wanted all residents to have the opportunity to put forward their concerns and what they would like to see done to improve it.  


The response was immense and it really has brought the whole village together.  


We have the support of our local Parish Council and a representative from the Wiltshire Council.


The Just Giving page that we set up received just over £2000 in donations.  We are currently using this money to provide the whole village with wheelie bin stickers, car stickers & bike stickers.


On the 23rd September 2015 we have the pleasure of Rod King in the village to give a presentation on 20's Plenty.


On the 12th October 2015 there will be a public meeting in Purton whereby the Parish Council will vote on whether they will support the campaign for 20's Plenty for Purton.