's Plenty for Purton                            


About Us

20's Plenty for Purton is a group set up by residents of Purton who are actively campaigning for a 20mph limit to run through our village.


Having identified that our village is in need of improved safety measures we feel that a 20mph limit through the village would have a massive impact allowing everybody to feel safer when either walking or cycling in the village. We have a number of schools, playparks and nursing homes which will greatly benefit from the decrease in speed.


Evidence shows that 20mph speed restrictions make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists and make the environment a quieter, more pleasant place for everyone - especially for children, the elderly or disabled.


New 20mph limits are now in place in a number of areas and there are nearly 300 local 20's Plenty groups campaigning around the country.


Our group intends to include further education and awareness for all road users including pedestrians & cyclists. We realise that this is a education for everyone and if we can adapt to this as residents then in time visitors and people coming through the village can see that we want them to act in the same way.



Contact us on facebook 20splentyforpurton and on Twitter @PurtonResidents